Lexington Park Gallery

Lexington Park Library Art Gallery

July 2015: Jon Nordstrom

The Lexington Park Library Art Gallery is excited to exhibit the artwork of Jon Nordstrom. Jon Nordstrom began his career by joining the Air Force, where he became a firefighter. Even after becoming a part of such a literal, dramatic career, he could always be found with his head in the clouds, finding ways to draw, sketch, and dream. After suffering a tragic loss, Jon’s two daughters had trouble sleeping and the idea for the illustrated book “Sometimes Sleep” was born.

Are you an artist and wish you had a place to display your artwork with others? The Lexington Park Library Art Gallery might be that place. Since it opened in 2005, many amateur, student, and even professional artists have displayed their artwork.Contact the St. Mary’s County Arts Council at info@smcart.org or 240-309-0686 if interested in displaying your work. They recruit the artists to display their work and to curate the shows. The exhibits change every 4-6 weeks and a reception is held to recognize each artist.The Art Gallery has been funded by a generous donation from local businessman Tom Daugherty and the Friends of St. Mary’s County Library.
Painting of Waves Painting of Waterfall
Painting of Ship Painting of Roller Coaster