Inclement Weather Policy

It is the philosophy of the Board of Library Trustees to keep the library open for all scheduled hours.  The Board recognizes, however, that it is sometimes necessary to curtail the hours due to inclement weather.  The Library Director, or manager designated by the Director, will make the decision if weather conditions warrant closing the library.  Generally, if the county government closes, the library will also close.


The Library staff can monitor library closings in several ways:

  • Each branch/department will create a calling tree and staff will be notified by phone.
  • Closings will be posted on the library’s www site,
  • Closings will be recorded on each branch’s telephone.
  • Closings will be posted on the county’s Channel 95 and
  • Library closings may be announced on local television or radio stations but staff should not rely on these announcements to determine whether the library will open.
  • If in doubt, call your supervisor before you leave for work.