Outreach, Free Services & Naming Libraries & Rooms



The St. Mary’s County Library welcomes requests for librarians to provide programs in the community.  Requests will be honored on a first come, first served basis to all non-profit educational, civic, or cultural organizations in the community.  Every effort will be made to honor requests for off-site programs.   Library staffing to accommodate the branch business levels will take priority and may affect whether or not a request can be honored.
Adopted 6/20/95
Revised 11/05



The policy of the St. Mary’s County Board of Library Trustees shall be to provide free services in accordance with the laws of Maryland.  As stated in MD Annotated Code, Title 23, Section 405:“…each board of library trustees shall establish and operate the library to provide free services to residents of the county in which it is located; and may permit persons outside of the county to use the library facilities on the terms and conditions it determines.”

While basic services shall remain free, certain charges for conveniences provided to library users may be collected; examples of these fees are charges for photocopying and computer printouts.
Adopted 6/18/96




To facilitate the public’s ability to locate libraries and to foster community identity with each branch, and in keeping with long-standing tradition, St. Mary’s County Library buildings shall be named after the location served.
Within the library buildings, areas such as rooms or gardens and the like may be named after individuals who have been continual and significant supporters of the library.
Adopted 4/20/99


Photographic or video recording of any kind is prohibited inside the library at all times, except with prior approval or in conjunction with private or public meetings within a conference room. See also Behavior Rules & Regulations.

Staff may take photos or video recordings which will be used in library publications; such as, flyers, handouts, e-newsletters, annual reports, etc. We do not sell these photos or use them for non-library items. Staff will announce when they will be taking photos or videos and they will allow people to not be included in the photograph or recording.