Overdue Notices and Bills, Collection Agency

Overdue notices are sent on the following schedule:

  • Customers with an email account: a courtesy reminder 5 days before the item is due, 7‐day overdue notice, a 21‐day overdue notice, a 45‐day overdue notice.
  • Customers who do not have an email account: a 21‐day overdue notice via the automated telephone service (due to confidentiality titles are not mentioned), a 45 day notice via the U.S. Mail. (Rev: Dec 2009)

Bills are sent to all accounts which owe $25 or more in fines, even if all materials have been

It is important to return materials on time. If you do not return items within 30 days, they are
listed as “lost” and become a fine on your account. An account with a balance of $25 or more, if
not resolved within 59 days of the due date, is automatically sent to a collection agency. This
applies even if all items have been returned and a $25 fine remains. A $10 collection service
charge is added to the account. The collection agency (Unique Management Services) waits
approximately 30 days after the last contact before reporting a client to the credit agency.