Renewals and Holds

Most items may be renewed four times unless items have holds. BookXpress and DVDXpress
items cannot be renewed. Renewals may be done in person, by telephone or by accessing your
library account by computer.

When something you need is not on the local library’s shelf, you may reserve it or borrow it from
another library. There is no fee for this special service. There is a limit of 25 holds at one time.
You may use your library card and personal identification number (PIN) to request materials
through a computer at the library, online, or ask a librarian for assistance. Customers may
suspend their holds for pick‐up at a later date in situations such as vacation.
The customer is informed that the item is in through either an email message or a phone call.
When someone asks to check out a reserved item for another person, we will check it out using
the barcode number. We will no longer require the requestor’s library card. The fact that the
borrower knows that a book is waiting to be picked up for someone else implies that the requestor
gave permission for that person to pick up the item.

There is a $0.50 fine for each unclaimed hold.
An “unclaimed hold” is an item that is not picked up within five (5) days of notification. If not
picked up or cancelled, the item will be removed from the Hold Shelf and a $0.50 fine, per item,
will be charged.