Suspension of Privileges

St. Mary’s County Library (SMCL) may find it necessary to suspend certain privileges of library users including access to library facilities, for violations of library policies or violations of any applicable law. Any suspension from one facility of the SMCL system is in effect at all facilities in the system.

All library users, regardless of age, are subject to the St. Mary’s County Library’s “Rules and Regulations Governing Public Behavior in the Library.” Any violation of the St. Mary’s County Library’s policies, rules, regulations, procedures or any applicable law will be grounds for suspension of any or all library privileges of that customer.

If illegal activity takes place, or if the health, safety or security of staff members or customers is threatened, library staff may take all appropriate action, including, but not limited to, calling the police for assistance and for immediate removal of the individual. 

The length and manner of the suspension will depend on the severity of the misconduct. 

Suspensions can vary from one day to being issued a No Trespassing Order by the Sheriff’s Department.  The staff in charge, at the time of the incident, has the authority to determine the length of the suspension. 

All infractions and behaviors which warrant a warning and/or suspension will be recorded in writing on the Security Incident Report (see page 27).  The Security Incident Report must be immediately emailed to Library Director and all branch managers, and maintained in a Security Incident e-fileSee Suspension of Privileges Procedure and Internet Safety Policy Procedure.

The following offenses are suggested as guidelines.  Suspensions are not limited to these infractions. 

One Week Suspension

  • Continued infractions of library behavior rules after a warning. 
  • Use of abusive language after a warning. 

30 Days Suspension

  • Repeat of one week offense
  • Violating Internet use policy after a warning
  • Loitering or trespassing with refusal to leave the library building or grounds upon request
  • Repeat of a 30 Day offense
  • Mutilation of library materials
  • Tampering with library equipment
  • Repeat of a 6 Month offense
  • Theft of materials
  • Vandalism of library property

6 Months Suspension

  • Repeat of a 30 day offense
  • Mutilation of library materials
  • Tampering with library equipment

1 Year Suspension

  • Repeat of 6 month offense
  • Theft of materials
  • Vandalism of library property
  • Fighting and other physically threatening behavior
  • Harassment of staff or customers
  • Indecent exposure

No Trespass Order

  • Repetition of any of the above incidents, or other extreme situations, may require that a No Trespass Order be issued by the County Sheriff’s Department. 

  Any customer whose library privileges are suspended has a right to appeal, in writing, to the Board of Library Trustees.


Adopted 5/6/03

Revised 5/07

Revised 2/13