Meeting Room Tips and Info

  • St. Mary’s County Public Library has five (5) meetings rooms first for use by the library for various programs and then for use by non-profit organizations and clubs, educational organizations and governmental agencies.


  • Reservations can only be made up to 4 months in advance on a rolling calendar basis. On the 1st day of each month, the calendar for the current month and the following 3 months (for a total for 4 months) will be open to the public for reservations.


  • The maximum number of reservations an organization can request per calendar year is 26.


  • Room requests can only be made online through the link listed below. We do not accept written, faxed, emailed or telephone requests for room reservations.


  • Please complete ALL of the requested information. Incomplete requests make it difficult to approve if there are questions.


  • Organizations are requested to use their full name and not acronyms when making a room request. The use of acronyms will slow down the approval of your request.


  • All confirmations will be sent via email. If you do not provide a valid email address you will not receive confirmation that your request was approved. However, you can check the website calendar to see if your request is still pending. If it is not pending, then it has been approved.


  • A cancellation link is also provided in the email confirmation that will allow you, the patron, to cancel your own reservation if needed. If you did not receive the link in your email confirmation then please email us at


  • You may not reserve the room for times outside of our normal operating hours.


  • Upon request, the contact name and telephone number on a reservation will be provided to patrons unless you state otherwise in the NOTES section at the time of your reservation request.


  • You can select/check the beginning time and then the ending time for your meeting and the software will automatically select all the time slots in between.


If you have questions on the use of our meeting rooms please feel free to contact us at (301-475-2846 X 1012) Monday through Friday, 9:30 a.m. – Noon and 1:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.