Wireless Printing for Library Owned Laptops

Wireless Printing for Library Owned Laptops


  • Click on the clientlauncher.exe icon on desktop

    desktop with client launcher icon
  • Click on “Run” to load software when dialogue box appears.

    desktop with file download dialog box
  • If red and yellow “LPT: One Print Client” is located at bottom of screen you are ready to print.

    LPT One Print Client window in taskbar
  • Go to file and select Print

    File menu
  • Select the B&W or Color printer from the printing dialogue box.

    print dialog box with printer options
  • Click “Print.”

    print dialog box
  • Enter an ID (suggest using your first name) to identify print job at printer and then click okay.

    User ID dialog box
  • Information on cost of printing will appear on screen. Click “OK.”

    cost of printing dialog box