Wireless Printing for Library Owned Laptops

Wireless Printing for Library Owned Laptops


  • Click on the clientlauncher.exe icon on desktop

    desktop with client launcher icon
  • Click on “Run” to load software when dialogue box appears. A red and yellow “LPT: One Print client” icon at bottom of screen will appear which indicates ready to print

    desktop with file download dialog box
  • If red and yellow “LPT: One Print Client” is located at bottom of screen you are ready to print.

    LPT One Print Client window in taskbar
  • Go to file and select Print

    File menu
  • Select the B&W or Color printer from the printing dialogue box.

    print dialog box with printer options
  • Print. Click Okay.

    print dialog box
  • Enter an ID (suggest using your first name) to identify print job at printer and then click okay.

    User ID dialog box
  • Information on cost of printing will appear on screen. Click “OK”

    cost of printing dialog box
  • A message will appear stating your print job has been received by print station.  Proceed to print station to retrieve printed document

    print confirmation dialog box
  • Click on “LPT: One Print Client” icon at bottom of screen when you are finished.

    LPT One in taskbar
  • Click on “Stop Print Client.” Application will be removed from Laptop.  Application will also be removed when Laptop is turned off.

    LPT One dialog box with button to stop print client