Online Technology Tutorials

Learn at Your Own Pace


  • Dance Mat Typing external link
    Learn to touch type with this dance mat typing series from the BBC.
  • Peter’s Online Typing Course external link
    A course that will teach you touch typing.
  • Keyboarding external link
    Already know typing basics and need to practice? is fast and easy, and it will keep track of your speed and your errors.
  • Good Typing external link
    Touch typing for beginners. Free registration required.

Computer Basics

  • Digital Learn External Link
    Basic computer tutorials to help you feel comfortable and confident with technology.
  • Digital Literacy’s “Learn the Basics” external link
    Visit Digital Literacy to build digital literacy skills. Choose from several options, like using a computer or mobile device and communicating on the web.
  • Digital Literacy Assessment external link
    Take free assessments on a variety of basic and intermediate computer skills to see what your strengths and weaknesses are, and then print off a certificate of completion.
  • GCF LearnFree external link
    More than 90 tutorials on a variety of subjects; suitable for beginning and intermediate skill levels.
  • Palm Beach County Library System Mousing Tutorial external link
    This tutorial includes mousercise, games and an explanation for using the mouse.
  • Techboomers external link
    Free videos and article tutorials on how to use popular websites like Netflix, Amazon and Gmail as well as various social networks. Especially geared towards baby boomer and senior learners.

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Microsoft Windows

Mac OS


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Free Photo Editing and Sharing

  • PicMonkey external link
    Edit your photos for free, with no registration required.
  • Picasa external link
    Use Google’s free photo editing software. Download required.
  • Flickr Tour external link
    Tour of Flickr features including how to upload, use maps and make stuff.


  • Many online services require you to provide an email address. Many free web-based emails providers are available including these popular ones:
  • Harness E-mail external link
    Tutorial by explains the basics of e-mail and how it works.

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Microsoft Office

  • Microsoft Office external link
    Support and Training for all Microsoft Office programs, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and more.
  • GCF Learn Free external link
    Training for Microsoft Office programs.

Other Programs

  • Adobe Creative Suite external link
    Includes videos for the full Adobe creative suite, including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, LightRoom and others. Suitable for beginners and intermediate students.
  • Macromedia Dreamweaver external link
    Learn about and find help using Dreamweaver to design, develop, and deploy websites.

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