Lexington Park Gallery

Lexington Park Library Art Gallery

August 15 – September 30, 2017: Jim Bershon

Artist Statement:
During my professional life I was a Periodontist and one of my hobbies was photography. I had taken a few courses in darkroom work and a Nikon School Course. I started use slide film and like the idea of projecting these images to enlarge them. I have moved on to digital photography, which facilitated my ability to enlarge my images on different media including watercolor paper, canvas and most recently aluminum. Each of these different surfaces affects the image reproduced on them. Watercolor paper and canvas softens the image and make it appears as if it was painted. Images reproduced on aluminum seem to pop off the surface of the medium. Some of the images have been reproduced to a size for specific locations in our home.

My wife and have been fortunate to travel during our retirement. Most of the images in this show are the “souvenirs” brought back from trips to Italy, Tanzania, The Society Islands and the US. I hope that this show encourages you to use your own photographic images to create art works for your home as I have done.

All the framing was done by Karen at Frame A Lot of Leonardtown and the watercolor and canvas photographs were printed on a commercial printer with archival ink by Carol Davis of St. Mary’s County. Bay Photo Lab in California reproduced the aluminum images.

photo of a leopard sitting in a tree

Serengeti’s Elusive Leopard


Are you an artist and wish you had a place to share your artwork with others? Since the Lexington Park Library Art Gallery was created by artist Candy Cummings in 2005, many amateur, student, and professional artists have displayed their artwork. Contact the St. Mary’s County Arts Council at info@smcart.org or 240-309-0686 if interested in displaying your work. Exhibits change every 4-6 weeks and a reception is held to recognize each artist. The Art Gallery is funded by the St. Mary’s County Arts Council.