Volunteer at the Library

Your Library …. A Great Place to Volunteer!

We are delighted that you are interested in volunteering at your library.  Volunteer opportunities exist for both adults and teens.  Teens must be 13 years old and older, or in the 8th grade.  Middle school students (6th grade and up) may volunteer as Summer Reading Program volunteers. Parental consent is required for teens under 16.  Students needing community service hours are welcome.

We assign your volunteer time around your schedule and the needs of the library.  We have volunteers who work a few hours a month, a couple of times a month or every week, depending on their schedules.  We appreciate every moment of service you can provide.

Volunteers perform a variety of tasks which are important to the operation of the library.  These tasks might include:

  • Putting items in order on the shelves and straightening shelves
  • Searching for missing/misfiled items on shelves
  • Pulling books to send to other libraries
  • Cleaning and repairing items
  • Making copies, folding brochures, performing light clerical duties
  • Preparing materials for children’s programs
  • Assisting with programs
  • Assisting with Summer Reading Program


If interested in volunteering at one of our branches, please fill out the online application below or download the volunteer application PDF File and return it to the branch of your choice.  We will contact you to schedule an interview. If more information is needed, please contact one of the following coordinators:

Leonardtown Library
Karen Ogletree: 301-475-2846 x1008 or kogletree@stmalib.org

Charlotte Hall Library
Jeanette Edward: 301-884-2211 x1010 or jedward@stmalib.org

Lexington Park Library
Cecelia Thomas: 301-863-8188 x3 or cthomas@stmalib.org


By submitting the application below, you are agreeing to the following:

  • I understand that volunteering requires a time commitment and I will work the agreed hours as scheduled.  I am willing to commit to volunteer for at least 2 months.  If I must miss my scheduled volunteer time, I will notify the library 24 hours prior to my scheduled time.
  • I understand that this volunteer assignment is not to be considered employment by the library, that no wages will be paid, and that library is not to be held responsible in the case of any accident or injury resulting from the volunteer duties.