Tots & Tech

Pause!   Stop!   Play! 
Make screen time fun and educational for your child.

Pause. . . use wisely!

  • Technology is a powerful learning tool BUT it is not a parent or teacher.  Use technology to enrich your child’s life

Stop. . . be selective!

  • Be in control. Technology is constantly changing, but “more” or “newer” aren’t necessarily better.
  • Be choosy.  When selecting media, ask:  Does it engage my child?  Does it invite my child to participate or ask him to do something?  Is it educational and informational? Is there violent or adult content?  Is it really educational or simply labeled educational?

Play. . .together!

  • Use the app or game before introducing it to your child.  Then, use the technology with your child.
  • Talk about the content of the TV show, video or game at a later date.  Repetition is important for your child’s learning.

These tips are from the Ready at Five organization  

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