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Why is your library important to you? What makes the library special to your family? Share your story in 500 words or less below. See below for some of the stories we’ve received.

Because punctuation without imagination makes a sentence, not a storyBecause the world is at their fingertips and the world can be a scary placeBecause employers want candidates to know the difference between a web search and research
Because learning to read comes before reading to learnBecause 5 out of 5 doctors agree reading aloud to children supports brain developmentBecause more than a quarter of US households don't have a computer with Internet connection

Libraries Transform: My Library Story

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Your Stories

My library is important to me, because it feels like home. There is a magical feeling that occurs when one is surrounded by so many books filled with knowledge, adventures, and inspiration. The library is a place of endless possibilities. —Sophia M.

Our family uses three local libraries at least once a week. We enjoy the availability of not only paper books, but books on CD, movies on DVD, and e-books downloaded via the library web site. We watch movies for free through the Hoopla app. Downloading books, movies or music to smart phones, e-readers or computers with the library app is quick and easy. We enjoy manga books, and find a wide variety here. We can also find books through Marina, having them sent to our closest library from other locations by the Statewide Interlibrary Loan Service. No more waiting for the next book or audiobook in a series … we can just order it from another location and have it delivered to our closest library. Want a DVD or book that’s just coming out? Tell the librarian and request them to order it when available for sale. Librarians at each site are friendly and happily answer questions and help us find what we want. They clearly explain the various ways to obtain e-books, movies or music. We are very spoiled to have such a wide array of library services here in Maryland. Our libraries are handy, easy to use … and free. We’re thrilled to have such services available to us. —Amy and Lynn P.

I used the Lexington Park Library on a regular basis. All staff are very helpful to the customers in many ways: instructor, being patient, teamwork and people person. I would rate each staff with a 10 (10 is the highest on my scale)…Definitely, I would recommend Lexington Park Library to others. All staff and hiring manager(s)”Job Well Done”. Your hard work made a positive different in my life. Keep up the good work. Thank You. —John E.

The reason I love coming to the library is because of the variety of free movies that you can check out. I also like being able to get on the internet and using their resources to do my school work. The library has many more things to offer the public when coming, such as vending machines and many programs for all ages. —Aaron W.

For years the library to me was just for children. I never thought that I would spending most of my days in the library. That is until March 17, 2012, when I went to a church and repented of all my sins and Jesus became my personal Savior. Then a journey or mission began, I traveled by foot through Florida (not all the way), I was taken from the Georgia/Florida border to Ruther Glenn, VA, to eventually end up in Washington D.C. Where I spent 1 year and 4 months, preaching on the streets of D.C. I am a person who is homeless, but it is part of my ministry. Then I left D.C. and went to Baltimore and eventually Annapolis. Where my first experience in the library took place. I was in their Winter Relief Program in the evenings but during the day I had to find someplace to go. So the library was open and I went in. I found I could learn things not necessarily found in the library but are on the internet, ie. The Lost Books of the Bible. Then I went to Solomon’s Island and in April 25, 2014 came to Lexington Park. I use the library everyday for information, socialization, and entertainment. The library has been a refuge from the weather. Except for holidays, and snow events. I have learned a lot using to resources at the library. Thank you for the county resource. —Elijah T.P.

I am kind of the poster child for the huge impact libraries can have on a person’s life. I have been involved with the library for as long as I can remember starting with storytime and other children’s programming when I was just learning to read. From there I graduated to being an avid participant in the summer reading program every year until I was old enough to volunteer at the summer reading table to help other lucky youngsters register for the program as well. When I entered my teenage years I eagerly joined the newly-formed Teen Advisory Group and helped with other library programs, like a CSI science program and a Halloween parade through the library. It was in TAG where I first got an inkling that I might actually want to do this library thing for real someday! With some terrific advice from the youth services staff I decided to obtain a graduate degree in library science, which led me to pursue a dual bachelor’s/master’s degree program straight out of high school. Never wavering from my end goal of working in a library, I came back the summer of my sophomore year of college to interview for the children’s room intern position here in St. Mary’s County and to be completely honest, I could not recommend it enough to anyone else with a budding interest in early childhood literacy. It was a fantastic experience and I learned SO MUCH about helping people, working with children, and other awesome aspects of being a children’s librarian. In fact, I pretty much credit that summer with cementing my librarian dreams. At the culmination of my library degree, I was required to do a practicum in a library setting, so naturally I turned back to the place that started it all and thankfully they agreed to have me back! It was such an amazing experience and yet, totally different from my first internship because this time, I got a chance to apply all the things that I learned in my graduate classes (it was still definitely just as much fun the second time around though!). As I was finishing my experience, a part-time position opened in the children’s department at Lexington Park and I jumped on the chance to apply. And here I am, 20+ years from the first day I set foot in a St. Mary’s County library, now an incredibly lucky librarian. —Emma R.