Solicitation/Sales on Library Premises

Solicitation or vending of any kind is prohibited in any St. Mary’s County Library facility or on the premises.  According to the lease agreement with the Commissioners of St. Mary’s County, the premises include the parking lot and grounds surrounding the building.  The only exceptions are:

  • Sales of library promotional material
  • Friends of the St. Mary’s County Library fund raising, membership drives and sales of promotional items
  • Book sales sponsored by the library or Friends of the St. Mary’s County Library
  • Vending machines contracted by the library
  • Sales of books, works of an author or illustrator and audio-visual materials at library sponsored programs
  • Educational materials supporting a program held in the meeting room
  • Farmers Market at Charlotte Hall Library.
  • Non-profit and community organizations, advocacy groups and individuals who wish to distribute flyers, engage in petition drives or advocacy activities must be approved by the Director at least 2 weeks in advance.  All such activities must not block access to library entrances or harass customers.


Exceptions to this policy must be submitted to the Branch Manager to be approved by the Library Director.  Approval is at the sole discretion of the Library Director.


Adopted 11/20/01 Revised 9/15/09 Revised 10/21/14